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Mujaly A. Bamujally United Co. is a Saudi Leading Company in the field of food products which was initially  incorporated in 1344H corresponding to 1925 G at hands of sheikh Mujally Ahmed Bamujally, who is considered as one of the oldest businessmen in Jeddah, Sheikh Mujally Ahmed Bamujally was succeeded by his son Sheikh Mohsin Mujally Ahmed Bamujally in 1354 H ( 1935 G ) who has continued this successful business activities according to the latest systems and practices. The company has become one of the outstanding firms in its activity.


Sheikh Mohsen Bamujally, who started his business career in the world of business in a jumble building located in the heart of the city. is of the opinion that the growth and progress of his company is attributed thands to his fear of Almithty Allah in all his dealings, acts and deeds. He says "it is quite satisfactorily for me that I practice the same profession of Prophet Mohamed, Peace Be Upon him, who has said : "pay more attention to trading as two thirds of subsidies came from trading" Verily Said the Holy Prophet.


Head Office 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

P.O.Box : 112 - Jeddah 21411

Tel . : 6474236 / 6473269 / 6470708   Fax : 6483203

E-Mail :



Riyadh Branch P.O.Box 39930 Riyadh 11489

Tel. : 4588003 / 4593636   Fax : 4582539

E-Mail :

Dammam Branch : Tel.: 8341149 / 8348658 / 8339704

Qassim Branch ( Burida )  Tel: 235028



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