Wadi Fatma Factory  For Foods &  Milk  


Wadi Fatma Factory For Food & Milk


National Factory For Food



Certificate 1498


ISO 9002


WADI FATMA FACTORY FOR FOODS & MILK is one of the largest factories in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which specializes in processing of spread cheese cream. it is characterized by high quality of its products as well as the persevering and continuous activity to develop these products to convoy the state of art technology in processing and filling foodstuff as all products processed by full automatic lines under supervision of specialized food and milk expects under famous brands known not only in the Kingdom but also in arab and European markets upon license of the brands owners. Those brands such as "WADI FATMA" "GLORIA" "AALIA" " LENA" and "LEDA". Also WADI FATMA factory processing for other brands owners.


Studies performed by one of the largest centers for researches and marketing in the Middle East. which published in several Arabic and European researches magazines that concerned in food processing, proved that products of WADI FATMA FACTORY FOR FOODS & MILK have great unprecedented interest in Saudi market in compare with the like of the national and international products which emphasizes the WADI FATMA FACTORY FOR FOODS & MILK is progressing in steady steps onwards and continuous noticeable improvement by the grace of God and then successful manage, perceptive and educated management who is interested in the development of Saudi Economy.



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